Pokémon is a wildly popular franchise that is enjoyed by fans around the world. People of all ages play the video games and watch the animated show. If you or your children are looking to delve even deeper into the Pokémon universe, these ten books are a great way to learn more about your favorite pocket monsters.

The 10 Best Pokemon Books

Title Author
1. The Official Adventure Guide Simcha Whitehill
2. Journey to the Orange Islands Tracey West
3. Classic Collector's Handbook Silje Watson
4. Essential Handbook Cris Silvestri
5. Deluxe Essential Handbook Scholastic
6. Pokémon Adventures Hidenori Kusaka
7. Kalos Essential Activity Book Scholastic
8. The Rescue Mission Maria S. Barbo
9. Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokémon Simcha Whitehill
10. Let's Find Pokémon! Kazunori Aihara

The History of Pokemon

  1. Pikachu: the face of the franchise
  2. Charizard: a powerful fire-breathing dragon
  3. Squirtle: a turtle-like starter Pokemon
  4. Jigglypuff: adorable and full of sass
  5. Eevee: a fox-like animal with multiple evolutions

More Information

Since 1996, Pokemon fans have been catching and training weird and wonderful creatures. These characters have been featured in several video games as well as a popular animated series. There are also a number of books which reveal fun details and feature activities centered on these "pocket monsters." From easy-to-read options to extensive manuals, here are the 10 best books about Pokemon.

#1. "The Official Adventure Guide: Ash's Quest from Kanto to Kalos" by Simcha Whitehill lets its readers discover how Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum began his journey. With beloved Pikachu by his side, the protagonist travels across several diverse regions. This easy-to-read choice is great for kids who want to learn the details of the world by heart. It features well-loved characters, including Bulbasaur, Charmander, Chikorita, and many more.

#2. Tracey West's adaptation of the first Pokemon Classic chapter book titled "Journey to the Orange Islands" places the spotlight on Ash's quests in different Pokemon leagues, including the Orange Islands. Keeping readers entertained throughout, this installment opens with Ash, Brock, and Misty traveling and meeting a new character.

#3. Aspiring trainers can learn insider info with the "Classic Collector's Handbook: An Official Guide to the First 151 Pokemon" by Silje Watson. As an essential guidebook, its easy-to-read pages offer vital stats and facts on over 100 creatures. Each character comes with an anime-style image on its page, along with a depiction of its evolutionary family.

#4. Cris Silvestri's "Pokemon: Essential Handbook" is geared to reach out to fans of all ages, with the latest details on all 646 Pokemon, many of which come from the first five generations. This updated edition also features 64 new pages covering the 153 creatures introduced in the Black and White video games. With plenty of characters printed in eye-catching illustrations, this comprehensive manual can hold the interest of kids and adults alike.

#5. The bestselling "Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook" offers all the facts and stats about Pokemon in one easy-to-read format, from name pronunciations to possible moves and Mega Evolution. This revised and updated edition of the 2008 handbook has complete details on over 700 characters, making it an ideal reference for trainers who aspire to expand their knowledge.

#6. Inspired by the popular Pokemon video games, "Pokemon Adventures: Volume 1" takes these well-loved creatures from the screen into the artistic pages of this action-packed graphic novel. Hidenori Kusaka combines game-based Pokemon characters, designs, and locations with certain elements from the anime to produce an entertaining, fast-paced story. It is the first volume in the "Red, Green and Blue Chapter" manga, which features the journeys of Red, Green, and Blue in the Pokemon League while destroying the evil Team Rocket.

#7. Packed with activities, games, puzzles, and more, Scholastic's "Pokemon: Kalos Essential Activity Book" contains full-color pages that transport readers to the Kalos Region, as featured in the X and Y anime and video games. For fans determined to "catch 'em all," specific Pokedex listings for every corner of the Kalos region are available. Tips and tricks from Ash to triumph over gym leaders along with the new Mega Evolution features give an edge to this activity book, making it an ideal present for young fans.

#8. Perfect for pre-school Pokemon fans, "The Rescue Mission" by Maria Borbo features Ash and the gang on a quest to protect the legendary Zygarde from the evil Team Flare. Ideal for early readers, this paperback offers a fast-paced plot laid out in minimal text and large images- a good length for a bedtime story.

#9. Simcha Whitehill's "Official Guide to Legendary and Mythical Pokemon" keeps its readers entertained by combining basic info and fun facts about these rare and powerful creatures, different than those in regular guide books. This lightweight paperback is filled with colorful graphics, stickers, and a fold-out poster that any kid would love to hang on their wall.

#10. A combination of the first three volumes of the "Let's Find Pokemon" series, Kazunori Aihara offers intricate artwork in the special edition "Let's Find Pokemon" for a lengthy and fun seek-and-find experience. Kids can solve mazes, answer puzzles, and search for their favorite characters, while adults might enjoy this hardbound book as a collector's item. The illustrations resemble the classic style, stirring up nostalgia for people who have grown up with this world.

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